Curious to see the world

Experience through travelling

We are a family of three from Zurich east side and have seen already many places on this planet. Travelling is our passion! With the exception of the Antarctic, we travelled across all continents with different vehicles. The longer the more we rented a camper to discover a country or region. We've been already four times in Australia (Toyota van, recreational vehicle, 4wd pick-up with a fix cabin, 4wd pick-up with double roof top tents: Instagram @familyacrossaustralia), in the US, in France, Italy and in Island.






Brave into the adventure

Our decision

Eventually the time was ready to get our own camper. We had crystal clear ideas how it should look like, but we couldn't find anything on the market that satisfied our needs. That's why we began with the design of our own camper and the search for adequate partners, which was obviously very difficult. It was the beginning of the famaro camper. End of 2016 we started the implementation with the build of the empty cabin by a specialized boat builder. In June 2017, the empty cabin was finished, and we started with the interior build and already with some travelling.