Be independent!

Be independent when travelling.




Our Approach

We achieve independency by implementing different aspects:




Flexible usage

  • All around Europe / Northern Africa
  • From a weekend to 6 months
  • To use it in the daily life
  • For four seasons

Compact vehicle

  • Size max. 6m long x 2m wide x 3m high
  • Weight max. 3.5 t
  • Low balance point

Offroad capabilities

  • Effective four-wheel drive
  • High clearance
  • All-terrain tires
  • Under floor protection
  • Basic recovery gears

Functional layout

  • Comfortable bed, min. 160 cm wide, sleeping in driving direction, optinal third sleeping place
  • Induction cooktop, large fridge, effective heater
  • Larger table, working space in kitchen
  • Space-saving warm-water shower, compost toilet
  • Enough storage inside

Transport capacity

  • Seating and sleeping for two adults plus one
  • Garage for up to 3 bikes
  • 400 kg payload

Modern design

  • Open layout
  • Plain surfaces, straight lines
  • Beautiful workmanship
  • Coherent color and material concept


  • Stable constructions
  • Good quality for less repairs resp. able to repair
  • Light-weight
  • Natural material
  • Clean processing


  • Enough fresh water for two weeks (min. 5 l per day)
  • Enough 12 / 230 V power for a season
  • Diesel for 750 km
  • No fix gas installation

Inconspicuous appearance

  • Discreet color choice / few text / no pictures outside
  • No visible awning
  • No view from outside to inside


Feeling save

  • Save vehicle with basic electronic driving support
  • Stable, professional build and installation
  • Protection from water, fire and power incidents
  • Burglar-proof