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Unique & innovative

From the idea to the realization

We have designed our own famaro camper by ourselves, have built the empty cabin by a experienced boat builder and buildup the interior mostly ourself again. For the setup of the Mastervolt systems with solar panels we had the technical support from the supplier.

In the meantime, based on the experiences we made we rearranged, adjusted or replaced some components in order to improve the setup as much as possible.

The famaro concept

The famaro camper is a comfortable camper with an extendible cabin for active people, two adults and up to two children. Due to the variability of the cabin it is compact when driving in town or off-road and generous when stopping and sleeping. Because of its comprehensive isolation and effective heating system it can be used in every season. It drives like a car on short and long distances and feels good as well as on sealed as on unsealed roads. With the high grade of autarchy, you can spend several days away from any infrastructure which enables us unforeseen possibilities.

A wolf in sheep's clothing! If the cabin is closed, it seems inconspicuous and small; if it is opened, it shows its true size. In closed state, the pop-up roof of the famaro camper covers all windows on the side, the door, and the external boxes. This increases the aerodynamics and the protection against burglary, ensures the privacy and reduces the external impacts from sun, wind, weather, and other objects. The construction of the closed cabin also increases the stability and agility of the vehicle because of a shorter end and a lower center of mass. Finally, it reduces the fuel consumption compared to a traditional camper.


Individual & flexible


During the day the bed will be pushed to the front which results in a large living room for cooking and eating. The kitchen is divided into a cooking area with fridge and induction stove and a cleaning area with a large sink and warm and cold water. There is room to store under the bed. The mobile toiled can be stored under the seating. And if needed we can use the outdoor shower for refreshment or warming up.

For the night the large bed will be pulled, and the seating area will be converted into a comfortable bed. We can use the entrance and the kitchen without any limitation.

During the day with seating area, table, and short bed   -   during the night with a lower and an upper, large bed

Our setup


famaro base vehicle

Toyota Hilux Double Cab Sol Premium

The Toyota Hilux is famous for its legendary quality, durability, and reliability. It can be driven like a normal car. With the Toyota Performance Kit it appears powerful yet still economical (approx. 11 liter diesel with cabin) and is fully equipped.

  • Four-cylinder diesel engine, 2400 ccm, 170 PS / 480 NM, 6-step automatic gearing, part time four-wheel drive with reduction and differential lock, with 18'' two-tone lightweight wheels, leather interior black,
  • Optional equipment: Painting in Avantgarde Bronze met., multimedia system with navigation and touch display, rear view camera and distance warning system head and rear, outside mirrors with blinker electrically retractable, Toyota Performance Kit, trailer hitch 3.2 t, adjustable VB air suspension to increase load weight to 3.5, front apron with underride protection, BF Goodrich All Terrain tires


famaro cabin

The three-part fiberglass (glass-fiber reinforced plastic - GFRP) cabin has been planned and specified by us and constructed by an experience boat builder. The closed cabin does not exceed the overall dimension of the vehicle. This has a very positive impact on the view and the driving behavior of the car. In closed state the camper is about 240 cm high.

  • GRP cabin: GRP laminated, additionally with xTrem isolator insulated and with bounded leather in toffee covered inside
  • Electrical actuators, to lift and lower down the roof
  • Windows: two Outbound side windows and one Outbound panorama roof window, one bull eye window in the door
  • Foldable, wide aluminum exterior stair


famaro infrastructure

Solar power (12 V / 230 V) for cooking, lightning and charging, nice heating, and warm and cold water for kitchen and shower

  • Electrical system: complete Mastervolt LiIon system with MasterBus platform and 4 x 102 watt Solbian high-efficiency solar panels, Mastervolt MLI Ultra 12/5000 – Lithium-Ferratum-Phosphat cell battery with internal batterie management system and 360 ah, 5000 wh, Mastervolt MassCombi Ultra - combined battery recharger and inverter 230 V for pure sinus 3000 watt / max. 5400 watt
  • Heating: Webasto Air Top 2000 diesel air heating
  • Sanitary facilities: Warm and cold-water distribution for kitchen and shower with 2 x 63 liter freshwater tank, Shurflo water pump, Elgena warm water boiler 10 liter, kitchen water mixer, outdoor shower, mobile toilet Porta Potti


famaro interior


Interior with high-quality, custom-made materials. No wood in the construction. Roof, side walls and door covered with bounded leather in toffee. Furniture with white Dibond front. Removeable floor, folding seats and table made from solid wood Sipo Mahogany.

  • Kitchen: with 40 cm sink, 85 liter compressor fridge with freezer, Mobile induction stove 230 V with two hot plates for inside and outside cooking, Nespresso coffee machine, milk frothier and water cooker and many compartments and divided, large kitchen surface made from Formex Korla full core plate.
  • Eating & living: two seating's with fanello seat pillows and large dining table
  • Sleeping: fanello double bed 164 x 200 cm in the alcove, extendible, seating area can be converted into a cozy bed