Where your longing takes you


Be independent!

Being independent while traveling, spontaneously going from place to place, exploring remote areas, and despite isolation and missing infrastructure not to lose any comfort. We want to count on our camper, on long distances across Europe but also off-road to reach our travel destination. Driving over the weekend up to the mountains on a short notice or for vacation to a lonely beach or to the desert. The famaro camper accompany us safely and comfortable wherever we want to go so that we can enjoy our adventures completely.


A unique and innovative camper

famaro is a private project to develop and implement a new camper for on- and offroad with an innovative, compact and extendible cabin on a Toyota Hilux pick-up truck. The result is a fascinating camper cabin based on genius concept. Compact and low while driving, generous while stopping and sleeping. famaro is a private initiative and therefore the cabin is worldwide unique.
For more information, pictures and activities please follow us on   Instagram @famaro.ch or conctact us on info@famaro.ch.

The famaro concept

The famaro camper is a comfortable camper with an extendible cabin for active people, two adults and up to two children. Due to the variability of the cabin it is compact when driving in town or off-road and generous when stopping and sleeping. Because of its comprehensive isolation and effective heating system it can be used in every season. It drives like a car on short and long distances and feels good as well as on sealed as on unsealed roads. With the high grade of autarchy, you can spend several days away from any infrastructure which enables us unforeseen possibilities.

A wolf in sheep's clothing! If the cabin is closed, it seems inconspicuous and small; if it is opened, it shows its true size. In closed state, the pop-up roof of the famaro camper covers all windows on the side, the door, and the external boxes. This increases the aerodynamics and the protection against burglary, ensures the privacy and reduces the external impacts from sun, wind, weather, and other objects. The construction of the closed cabin also increases the stability and agility of the vehicle because of a shorter end and a lower center of mass. Finally, it reduces the fuel consumption compared to a traditional camper.